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How to Make Moon Hangers

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Hi and welcome to Clay Play!

My name is Emily and in this blog I'm going to be showing you how to make a Moon Hanger. These are a great project for adults and kids and can easily be made out of airdry clay or kiln fired stoneware clay with a few adjustments.

Join us and create your own masterpiece today!

Tutorial: Moon Hanger

Level: Easy Sculpting

Equipment needed :

  • Clayplay kiln fire kit, Clayplay airdry kit or 200gm airdry clay or Stoneware clay and tool kit.

  • A little bit of water

  • Rolling Pin

  • 2 pencils

  • Cookie cutter or cup

  • Bag of rice/wheat bag as a weight

  • Acrylic paint, coffee and raffia straw to decorate airdry clay

  • If firing -access to a kiln to fire and glaze (note: white glaze is included in Clay Play kits)

Video Transcription:

1.Roll out your clay:

  • Roll out clay into a rectangle shape using a rolling pin

  • Flipping clay over as you go to ensure even thickness.

  • Use pencils as guidelines to maintain even consistency.

  • Compress clay with a steel kidney tool to ensure the thickness

  • If firing make sure clay is no thicker than a centimetre.

2. Cut out moon Phases:

  • Use a cookie cutter or cup to cut out three circles from the clay.

  • Take a needle tool to cut out a half-moon and two crescent moons.

  • Use a rounder tool to add texture to the moons.

3. Finishing touches:

  • Once firm, punch holes in the moons so to hang using a straw. (note: clay will shrink when it dries and even more so with the kiln fired clay)

  • Clean up any rough edges with a wet sponge.

  • Allow the clay pieces to dry, placing a weight on top to prevent warping.

4. Checking Readiness for decorating or firing:

  • Tap hangers and if hollow sound this indicates it is dry or place a water drop on the pottery. If it disappears quickly, it's ready to decorate if using airdry or to bisque fire if using stoneware clay.

5.Decoataing Airdry Clay:

  • Once moons are completely dry you can paint with acrylic paints or apply layers of coffee to achieve the look above, brew plunger coffee and paint on allowing each layer to dry before applying the next.

  • Seal the dried and decorated moons with acrylic sealer for a finished look.

  • If desired, string the moons together using thread or raffia straw, creating a loop for hanging and adding additional pieces to create a tassel-like effect.

  • Trim any excess thread or straw with scissors.

6. Kiln Firing:

  • Once completely dry, which can take up to two weeks, the hangers will be ready for bisque firing.

  • Once fired, sand an clean with wet sponge and allow to dry before applying glaze and glaze firing.

  • Always make sure to account for clay shrinkage, which is typically between 10% and 12% ( check your clay specs)

If you're interested please watch the video tutorial or if you have any questions, visit Clay Play on YouTube or at

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