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Kids 500gm Airdry Clay Kit + basic tools & paint set

Kids 500gm Airdry Clay Kit + basic tools & paint set

  • Pottery kits designed for kids to explore their creativity at home
  • Simple instructions and online tutorials for easy guidance
  • Safe and convenient for kids to use, Air dry clay that hardens without the need for baking or firing
  • Endless possibilities to paint, decorate, and personalize their pottery
  • Description

    Unleash Your Child's Creativity with Our At Home Pottery Kits!

    Discover the joy of home-made pottery with our easy-to-use kits designed specifically for kids. Our simple instructions and online tutorials will guide them through the fundamentals of working with clay, allowing their imagination to take flight and create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.


    Our Air Dry clay is the perfect choice for young artists. With no baking or firing required, it's incredibly convenient and safe for kids to use. Once their clay creation is complete, simply leave it out to dry and harden. Then, they can decorate their work with vibrant colors, patterns, and designs. Finally, apply an acrylic sealant for a glossy finish and long-lasting durability.


    Give your child the gift of artistic expression with our Pottery Kits. Order now and watch as their creativity blossoms, making memories and crafting unique pottery pieces they'll be proud to display.

    Let the fun and imagination begin!


    Please note airdry clay is not waterproof or food safe. The acrylic sealant will seal your pieces to make water resistant but anything you make should be used for decorative purposes only. 


    Kit Contents:

    • 500gm Airdry clay
    • 5 Piece pottery tool kit
    • Paint and brush set
    • 10ml Acrylic sealant
    • Instructions and links to online tutorials - click here for a sample of the collection


    What you will need:

    • Rolling pin or glass bottle
    • Fabric or PVC mat to stop clay sticking to your work surface
    • Ruler
    • Paint brush 
    • Acrylic paints to decorate
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