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Try Pottery at your Place

Welcome to Clay Play

We're on a mission to unleash the inner artist (and zen master) in everyone!
We believe that getting your hands dirty with clay isn't just messy fun (although it is definitely that!), it's a powerful tool for sparking creativity, reducing stress, and fostering a sense of calm.
With our at-home clay kits, pottery supplies, tutorials and project ideas, you'll have everything you need to dive into pottery and create your own unique works of art.
Get ready to mold and shape clay, discover new techniques, and start your pottery adventure today!

airdry clay kits.

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kiln fire clay kits.


pottery supplies.

“My kids had a ball with this kit. Awesome wet weather activity! Would make a great birthday pressie”

Gillian Johnston

get inspired!


About us

meet the maker.

The concept of Clay Play was born when I first started pottery.

Years prior I had dreams of becoming a potter but being a mum with a young family I found it difficult to find the time to do a pottery course.

During my pottery journey I have always kept in mind those with similar circumstances and how DIY at home kits and online programmes would help them get clay in their hands and start creating.

I am excited to share our range of fun at home kits and pottery tools for those wanting to play with clay in their own home. 

So whether it be location, lockdown or lack of knowledge holding you back, now everyone can have a play with clay. 

xx Emily

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Visit Te Tuhi Pottery to see my work.


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