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shop airdry clay & kits.

Airdry clay is a fine clay that dries hard with out baking so you can do it at home. It is simple to use making it ideal for kids as well as adults, as there is no baking or firing needed. Once your clay creation is finished, simply leave it out to harden. When its dry you can paint or decorate it then apply acrylic sealant.
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shop kiln fire
& kits.

Our stoneware clay with grog is the perfect beginners clay when learning to hand build. 
Once fired your piece will be waterproof and food safe and ready to use as functional pottery or as a decorative piece.
We recommend you only purchase if you have previously done a pottery course and have access to a local kiln.
Click here for tips to find a kiln

shop pottery supplies.

Explore our range of quality pottery tools designed to enhance your pottery journey from home.
Our collection includes everything you need to unlock your creativity and achieve stunning results in your pottery projects. From essential tools for beginners to specialized equipment for advanced potters, we have carefully selected each item to meet the needs and preferences of home potters of all skill levels.
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