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5 pack inserts for bat system

5 pack inserts for bat system

  • Enjoy the convenience of producing multiple pieces in less time.
  • Minimize clean-up and optimize storage space in your studio.
  • Experience new levels of efficiency and creativity with the Clay Play Wheel Bat System.
  • Description

    5x square inserts to fit into a Clay Play pottery wheel bat system.

    These easy to fit inserts you will save time on inserting and removing standard bats and less time on clean up. Most importantly you will save space by drying your pots on the small square inserts instead of regular round bats.


    How to best fit bat inserts

    If too tight for your preference the  inserts can easily be sized down with a nail file or sandpaper.

    Do be weary that too much side to play may cause stability problems when you are throwing, so reduce the size slowly


    Using a bat system

    To use simply fit main body bat to wheel head along with the square insert into the main bat. Throw a pot then wire before removing insert from the main body bat using a flat potter’s tool and placing onto a drying shelf.


    How to care for your bat system

    When finished using simply wipe bats with a damp sponge to clean and avoid any excessive exposure to water. Store and dry inserts stacked on their side.  Over time and use the protective varnish will wear down and moisture absorbed may cause inserts swell, in this case allow to dry completely before using again. If inserts warp, flattened by drying in a stack with heavy weight on them.


    Bat inserts Includes;

    5x square inserts 17.8cm² to fit into a Clay Play pottery wheel bat system.

    Made in China from MDF and vanished for durability against water and clay.




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