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pottery wheel

Pottery banding wheel for hand building and sculpting

  • Ultimate tool for hand building and sculpting for both beginners and experienced potters.
  • Effortless centering with smooth spinning motion 
  • Effortless centering and easy rotation with elevated turntable
  • Non-skid rubber boot securely anchors the wheel without drilling holes
  • Versatile on both wet and dry clay
  • Ideal for glazing and decorating  
  • Description

    This Pottery wheel is the perfect tool for hand building and sculpting. Featuring a ball bearing base that sits firm on any bench, the top spins easily and concentric circles make centering your work a breeze. The weighted rim provides extra momentum to make your projects even easier. 

    The elevated turntable allows you to rotate your work while maintaining a comfortable grip, while the non-skid rubber boot anchors the wheel in place without the need to drill holes in your work station. Also known as a pottery turntable or lazy susan, our banding wheel is enthusiastically recommended by our team as a must have tool when playing with clay.

    Prepare to unlock your creativity and unleash your artistic talent. Order today and discover the joy of working with a reliable and versatile pottery wheel that will take your projects to new heights. Get yours now and let your imagination spin free!

    Top diameter - 23.5cm
    Base diameter – 17.5cm
    Height - 11cm
    Weight – 1.1kg

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