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Extra Tools

Extra Tools


Expand your pottery journey with our   
Extra Tool Set. 

The kit includes:

  • Pottery Needle Tool

  • Wire Cutter

  • Turning Tool

  • Double-End Ribbon Tool

  • Extra Tool Set

    This set is a great addition to any pottery tool kit, designed for enthusiasts who are looking to develop their creativity and skillset.


    The kit includes:

    • Pottery Needle Tool: This durable tool is designed specifically for sculptors and potters. Equipped with a sharp stainless steel needle, it ensures accurate trimming, scoring, and carving of clay. 

    • Wire Cutter: Effortlessly slice through clay with our wire cutter. Designed for both soft and leather hard clay, the wire cutter ensures a clean cut every time.

    • Turning Tool: This tool is essential for performing various tasks, including shaping, smoothing, and trimming clay bodies when handbuilding or throwing on the wheel. 

    • Double-End Ribbon Tool: Perfect for trimming, the double-end ribbon tool allows you to make intricate detailing on your pottery pieces. 

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