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Kiln-fire Clay for hand building - 2kg

Kiln-fire Clay for hand building - 2kg

  • Perfect for beginners learning to hand build pottery
  • Fired pieces become waterproof and food safe for functional or decorative use
  • Description

    Make it your own unique pottery with our kiln fired clay.

    Our stoneware clay with grog is the perfect beginners clay when learning to hand build.  Once fired your piece will be waterproof and food safe and ready to use as functional pottery or as a decorative piece.

    Please note using kiln fired clay does requires an understanding of clay properties and the firing process so we recommend you only purchase if you have previously done a pottery course and have access to a local kiln. Click here to learn more.

    What's included:

    • 2kg Kiln-fire clay only
    • Firing and glazing instruction guide 
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