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How to Make a Trinket dish

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Hi and welcome to Clay Play!

In this blog I'm going to be showing you how to make a trinket dish. This is a great project for a fist time potter with easy-to-follow instructions to make your own unique dish.

Join us and create your own masterpiece today!

Tutorial: Trinket Dish

Level: Easy Sculpting

Equipment needed : Clay Play Airdry kit or Clay Play kiln fire kit

A little bit of water, fabric or mat, rolling pin or glass bottle, pencils and a round template (e.g. plate).

Access to a kiln to fire and glaze if you are using a kiln fired clay.

(white glaze is included in Clay Play kits)

Video Transcription:

1.Start with the Base:

  • Roll out the clay using rolling pin or bottle on the fabric or mat, rotating as you go to maintain an even thickness.

  • Place the template on the clay and cut around it using the needle tool.

2. Building the side wall with Coils:

  • Take leftover pieces of clay and roll them into a coil, aiming for the same thickness as your base.

  • Measure the coil around the dish to ensure it is long enough.

  • Score the edges of the dish base and coil with the needle tool.

  • Apply water to both sides of the scored edges and press the edges together, using the wooden tool to blend and smooth the seam.

  • Repeat the blending and smoothing process on the inside of the dish.

  • Use the wooden tool to even out the thickness of the wall and smooth any imperfections.

3. Adding decorations:

  • Roll clay into a coil and create features like handles or decorative elements.

  • Position on the dish and score the edges of the dish base and coil with the needle tool

  • Apply water and press the coil onto the dish, blending and smoothing as you go.

4. Finishing Touches:

  • Let the dish dry for about four hours until it reaches the leather hard stage, where it can be handled without losing its shape.

  • Trim the edges of the dish if necessary using trimming tools.

  • Using a wet sponge blend out any marks or imperfections.

5. Drying and decorating (Airdry Clay):

  • Let the dish dry for two to three days.

  • Check if the dish is completely dry by dabbing it with a drop of water; if it dries quickly, it is ready for decorating.

  • You can paint using an acrylic paint or leave natural as I have.

  • Then apply acrylic sealant over the dish including the bottom, allowing it to dry.

  • Once the sealant is dry, your dish is ready to use.

6. Firing (Kiln Fire CLay):

  • Check it the dish is dry by giving it a gentel tap. A hollow sound indicates dryness or place a water drop on the pottery. If it disappears quickly, it's ready to fire.

  • Once completely dry, which can take up to two weeks, the dish is ready for bisque firing.

  • Once fired, sand an clean with wet sponge and allow to dry before applying glaze and glaze firing.

Always make sure to account for clay shrinkage, which is typically between 10% and 12% ( check your clay specs) and using protective measures like wrapping the handle in plastic to ensure even drying and less chances of cracking.

If you're interested please watch the video tutorial or if you have any questions, visit Clay Play on YouTube or at

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