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How to Make Clay Flowers:

Discover the art of crafting clay flowers. Find inspiration, step-by-step guidance, and ideas for creating stunning floral designs.

Join me and create your own today!

Tutorial: Clay Flowers

Level: Moderate

Equipment needed :

  • Clayplay Kilnfire Kit or Air Dry Kit

  • A little bit of water in a dish

  • Rolling Pin or bottle

  • Cup

  • Kiln fire - Access to a kiln to fire and glaze (note: white glaze is included in Clay Play kits)

Video Transcription:

So let's get started!

1.Roll out your clay:

  • Roll your clay out into a thin sheet about 5mm thick using a rolling pin or glass bottle.

  • Flipping clay over as you go to ensure even thickness.

2. Cut out petals:

  • Freehand a petal shape using a needle tool or toothpick.

  • Then, carefully cut away clay so to remove petal. Take extra care as the clay will be soft at this stage.

  • Using this as a templete Repeat this process to create all the petals you need for your flower.

  • Set aside the petals to dry to leather hard.

  • Once your petals have hardened, go around and smooth out any rough edges with your finger and water. You can also add shape to your petals by gently pressing your thumb in the middle.

3. Create the centers:

  • Roll a small pea-sized ball with you palms for a small flower or create a larger center by rolling a larger piece of clay and shaping it with your fingers. Add some details to the center by using a paintbrush to create small indents. Use your finger to support the center as you add these details.

4. Assemble flower:

  • Score the bottom of the first petal using a needle tool or toothpick.

  • Apply a small amount of slip, which is a mixture of water and clay, to the scored area. Place the second petal on top, alternating the position each time - one under, one over, and so on. Continue this process until all the petals are layered.

  • Flip your flower over and blend the edges together to strengthen and blend the petals. You can use a blending wooden tool or your finger for this step. If your clay is too firm to blend, you can moisten it slightly with water to make it easier.

  • To complete the flower, add the center piece by scoring and applying slip to the center. Press it gently into place. Once your flower is fully assembled, you can shape the petals by pushing them inward slightly if desired.

5. Finishing touches:

  • On back side carve out a hole for either a rod or skewer depending on flower size. Remember to make larger than needed as the clay will shrink when drying and/firing.

  • Air-dry - Once flowers are completely dry you can paint with acrylic paints then seal with acrylic sealer for a finished look.

  • Stoneware kiln fire- Once completely dry, which can take up to two weeks the flowers to be ready for bisque firing.

If you're interested please watch the video tutorial or if you have any questions, visit Clay Play on YouTube or at

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